The Society of Garden Designers, based in Nottingham, England, shares expectations of trends that will be popular in the new year.

The 2019th is expected to conquer us with bright colors, hanging indoor plants and a meeting of interior with exterior.

[dt_fancy_title title=“1. Responsible for the environment“ title_size=“h5″ title_color=“title“][dt_vc_list]Climate is a key factor for successful gardening, and variable weather conditions can be a determining factor in the life span of your plants.

That is why specialists expect the construction of more sustainable garden areas to be popularized in 2019. The green choice of plants to be planted, according to the conditions of the garden in which they grow, will become a priority for every gardener.[/dt_vc_list]

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[dt_fancy_title title=“2. Hanging houseplants make their way out“ title_size=“h5″ title_color=“title“][dt_vc_list]In 2019 the architectural type of plants is expected to dominate its popularity.

Exotic-looking house plants with leaves and stems of architectural type will also be transported from the outside, where with their expressive silhouette and structure they will give a new dose of refinement to your garden.

More and more hanging „house“ plants will also adorn our outdoor gardens, where they present an interesting addition to pots and flower gardens.[/dt_vc_list][dt_fancy_separator separator_style=“double“]

[dt_fancy_title title=“3. The interior meets the exterior“ title_size=“h3″ title_color=“title“][dt_vc_list]The exterior finds its new touch point with the interior. Garden designers promise that 2019 will be the year in which the bold colors of interior spaces will inspire a fresh, fresh approach to designing outdoor ones.

A material that has so far enjoyed popularity mainly indoors, but this year is expected to break its way out, is porcelain. According to experts, the use of artificial stone in the garden will be replaced by other materials with new colors and motifs.[/dt_vc_list]

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The 2019th calls for bold color solutions. This is expected to be the year in which the gardens will enjoy a new image in bright color ranges, and the pompon, also known as Gergina, will be the new addition to a number of decorative gardens.


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[dt_fancy_title title=“5. Wild and meadow vegetation“ title_size=“h5″ title_color=“title“][dt_vc_list]Beginning in 2018 wildlife experiments and perennial meadow vegetation are expected to continue in the new year.

For growing such a type of plants do not need a large area can safely be included in smaller spaces.

They are easy to maintain, and their growth and development are exciting for observation and research.[/dt_vc_list]

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