The beauty of indoor and house plants is indisputable. There are many impressive indoor gardens inside of public buildings, the small pots on windowsills, all those details. But to enjoy this beauty every day, it requires care and maintenance. You cannot leave the plants alone to take after themselves. Each plant needs care and each plant species has its own specific requirements. Depending on the effect to be achieved, as well as the parameters of the indoor areas, a rich palette of different types of ornamental, flowering and cacti can be chosen.

The main components of the interior landscaping are the following: mandatory drainage layer of small stones, turf (designed specifically for the type of vegetation that will be planted) and last, but not least – the selected plant species placed so that light, moisture and heat can meet the specific requirements.

The choice of container is unlimited – all kinds of shapes, materials and colors to fit both the plant itself and the surrounding décor.

“Ти Ейч Консултинг” Ltd. offers to its clients preparation of pots timber for individual projects. We need only a picture of the desired pots, and a preference for the material that suits your taste, needs and budget. We will handle it, until you receive the required number of pots. Once we are done with the production, we will deliver it locally, arranging the pots in accordance to your desires.