София Саут Ринг Мол (ССРМ)

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София Саут Ринг Мол (ССРМ)

“Ти Ейч Консултинг” have just finished the greening works of Sofia South Ring Mall. They represent 30 % of the total built area of the Mall.

Investors from the Greek Companies Fourlis group and Danaos group claim that there is no such place in Bulgaria with that many spacious green areas.

There are some facts around the building of the wide green areas on whose size is still disputable.

Duration of the greening works: start date 29.08.2013 end of greening works: 06.11.2014

Range and executed activities:

  • Detailed design of different areas adjacent to the mall.
  • Execution of Vertical Planning and modeling the terrain – including the building of attractive and modern retaining walls of gabions over IKEA shopping center and part of SSRM. Gabions are made of dolomite with fraction 63-150 mm.
  • Landscaping of all the adjacent to the Mall green areas. • Types of grassing of the Mall:
    1. Hydro seeding – a rapidly growing technology, which represents a safe mean to better distribution ofgrass seeds and ensures their germination, as well as, that perfect terrain modeling.
    2. Laying turf grass – gives instant decorative effect.
  • Construction of underground automated irrigation system of SSRM including the construction of specific underground drip irrigation – discreet and invisible to the amateur eye it contributes to the perfect aesthetic appearance of the green areas.
  • Development of automated underground irrigation system of public park over SSRM – 20 acres
  • Construction of ‘geoplastics’ including intensive roof greening throughout the whole outside area of the mall.
  • Landscaping of step-leveled terrain over the inner roundabout in the southern part of SSRM.
  • Design and construction of public area – the roundabout in front of the main entrance of SSRM. (The project is in line with the idea of subtly embedded circles all around the site).

Subsequently, “Ти Ейч Консултинг” is performing the maintenance of the green areas (both interior and exterior), maintenance of the automatic irrigation system and snow removal.

Executed green works:

  • Adjoining spaces SSRM – 8 acres
  • Public Park over SSRM – 7 acres
  • Roundabout and adjacent main entrance area – 4.5 acres