Unconventional ideas for landscaping: the charm of vertical gardens

The latest trends in garden design show that vertical landscaping is becoming more widespread. Landscape architects and designers are not just satisfied with the ground under their feet and expand the horizons of inspiration, transforming unused spaces and old furniture into charming vertical gardens and living walls. Stringy garden design is already in the past, today vertical landscaping allows for combining new colors, textures and vegetation and shows the vitality of the environment in a different and interesting way. In our previous articles we have shown some of the benefits of living walls as well as where applicable, and now we will inspire you with new ideas for unconventional landscaping for the home and the garden.

How to use small spaces at home: tips for vertical landscaping

The main benefit of using live plants in the urban context is the connection with the nature they create. Through vertical gardens we can afford more plants even indoors and if we try to be a piece of nature at home. While not limited to small spaces, vertical gardens are ideally suited for such places, as have the functionality skillfully and efficiently to increase the space. Here’s what ideas came to us, giving freedom to our imagination, but also taking into account the place. When it comes to landscaping for small spaces, everything is based on smart planning and proper placement.

Vertical lanscaping in the yard

Fences, gazebos, garden statues, fountains and other garden design elements facilitate the vertical growth of vertical plants. Hanging baskets with pots are also considered to be elements of vertical landscaping. For watering and easier maintenance, attach a drip irrigation system for easy irrigation or add a rope and roll system to have easier access to hanging baskets.

  • Pallet garden:

The massive wooden construction of a pallet for transportation is applicable to many interior design projects because there are a number of ways to reuse. Here the pallet functions as a garden frame; just put garden textiles on the back before planting the plants.

  • Old Furniture:

A strange idea! Use an old dresser to create a stunning garden area. Plant ferns and succulents, and flower pots by selecting colors to suit them. Besides a real creative addition to an eclectic interior design, the old cabinet or chest of drawers will find a new application

  • Use the most of the vertical space: 

Put a living wall in the bathroom that will absorb moisture. This will ensure a favorable plant environment and ensure good growth.

  • New Application Frames: Succulents for Living Picture:

Use a slightly larger depth frame to have enough soil for the soil. In it plant succulents, which are an excellent choice for a vertical garden because of their easy cultivation. Sprinkle once a month, spray once a week with a sprayer – the moss in the soil will enjoy a little moisture.

Diversity is allowed!

Vertical gardens are usually planted with the same plants, but do not lose the opportunity to plant a wide range of plants that thrive in such places. Using a large number of species is not an end in itself, but there are actually benefits from diversity. Harmful insects usually invade one or several species at a time, while a varied vertical garden will be more sustainable. And even if someone says that it is excessive to compare vertical gardens with nature, research shows psychological health benefits from the experience of nature in the home, and the fact that human perception of aesthetics is stimulated by species richness.

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вертикална градина от билки
вертикална градина от билки
вертикална градина от билки
сукулент за зелена стена
Drainage water pipes

Apart from their application as gutters, they can become unusual vertical gardens. They can hang anywhere in the garden, on the fence, on the porch or on the wall. Just make sure you drill holes for draining the water.

Caring for the environment

Do not dispose of cans and plastic bottles. Paint in bright colors and plant beautiful flowers to suit the pots or herbs, and the wall in the barbecue or garden fence will become a botanical garden. You can always hang an old sack, cloth bags or an old shoe organizer planted with your favorite flowers.

бутилки като саксии - идеи за вертикално озеленяване
алтернативни саксии - идеи за вертикално озеленяване
поставка за обувки - вертикално озеленяване

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