„College Crescent“ Asian Landscape

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Building your own green space

A yard, a garden, a playground or other open space… it’s a challenge to transform a given area, to make it greener, refreshed and blooming with life! The real possibilities are only limited by your own fantasy, goals, and desires. But we sure do know that it’s a bit difficult to decide where to start.

In the next article, we will try to organize some of the best ideas and suggestions on where to start your planning. These are simple but useful directions that come from Ти Ейч Консултинг’s years of experience in landscaping and interior and exterior design. Hopefully, these will help, inspire and guide you to reach the end result you want!


Planning and First Steps

Good planning is a work half done. Sometimes turning a given area or terrain into a usable and aesthetically pleasing green space seems to be hard and time consuming job. Once you have a clear idea of what your goal is, the actual work on landscaping becomes much easier and pleasant task. Note the structural changes you want to apply. Sometimes it means serious cleaning and even construction work, but more often than only basic organizing, cleaning, preparation for building your own green space basic horticulture is all that you need.

Get Inspired

This one is easy! Fortunately, the internet is full of different examples of exciting, beautiful and professionally shaped outdoor and indoor areas. Use the experience of others about building your own green space by looking at examples that fit your specific searches. The systematized tips you will find in the “Green Ideas” blogs here on our website are specially tailored to guide you through the thousands of possibilities as well as the latest trends in landscaping. Take advantage of other options and places to exchange ideas. Gather some impressions through forums, DIY and gardening sites, as well as Pinterest and similar platforms. Choose what you like most and use it as inspiration for your project.


Build Your Concept

You have all the creative freedom in transforming and building your own green space, a terrain of your own taste. Probably the best and most sustainable way to reach for a good result, however, is to have an initial basic concept of how exactly you want everything to look like. Mediterranean style, colonial style, traditional Bulgarian garden with Renaissance elements or anything else – it all depends on your ideas and the specifics of the exterior you work with. It is quite important to keep in mind that design should follow function! Consider this if your place has a dedicated application (summer garden, yard, restaurant, etc.).


Realistic Plans and Goals

Decisions, decisions… Try to consider how realistic an idea is and how much work, investment and interventions are required. If you have any doubt as to whether or not that idea is feasible – consult with someone with the necessary experience. At best, you can turn to a professional, but you can always keep the most satisfying part – planning and deciding on the overall concept – for yourself. Pride and joy when looking at the end result is incomparable!


Maintenance and more

An open space can be very easy to maintain, as long as you keep in mind a few basic things. First of all, this is the choice of the plants used. The options are unlimited – from simple pavement with ryegrass to complex arches, stained glass and rock gardens with flowers, shrubs and rare species. Let your plans to be lead by your own goals, considering what efforts will be required in the future to maintain your space. A simple but well-maintained meadow will always looks better than the a rich, but neglected garden.

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