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The Schefflera is a tropical bush of the Araliacea family with large, dark green leaves. Its natural environment includes the areas around the Indian Ocean and the Pacific as well as Brazil.

Schefflera birthplace is Australia, and its name has received in honor of the eminent German botanist Jacob Christian Schäffer.

The largest variety, Schefflera actinophylla, develops more slowly but undoubtedly has a more impressive decorative effect.

Schaeffler enjoys great popularity and can often met her in apartments and offices, where it can reach a height of 2 meters and a width of about 70 cm.

Шефлера schefflera_actinophylla
Шефлера - Schefflera
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The optimal temperature for growing is the room – about 20-22 degrees. Schefflera loves moisture, it is good for dry leaves to be sprayed 1-2 times a day. Watering should be done after the upper soil layer has dried.

For proper development of the Schefflera, it is necessary to perform pruning to obtain more compact and dense forms.

At the clipping itself, we must strive to give the crown a proper shape and keep it for a longer time.

The spring pruning of the plants encourages the intensive appearance of new shoots. Pruning is done with special tools, the so-called vine-shears. Before the pruning of each tree is good to disinfect to avoid the spread of diseases and pests. Cutting should be made at an angle so that the water drops do not stand in the cut small areas, causing rotting of the branches


First we cut out all the internal twigs that interfere with proper aeration of the crown and obstruct the circulation of air, of course, if there are any. We do not consider the thickness of the twigs, we simply remove them. When we are careful not to break important twigs, we work carefully.

If there are dried twigs, we also remove them. If we notice young shoots that are densely spaced apart, we remove the weaker ones and leave the stronger ones. We also remove all protruding underdeveloped branches that grow in low directions at the base of the skeletal branches. It is important to work successively, to walk the tree in one direction from left to right or vice versa, never to jump from the opposite side, just follow the direction and work slowly. It is very important for the plant to be fully inspected to achieve the desired shape of the crown.

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