What can we offer as professionals for your garden

Landscaping is our vocation and passion, and in Ти Ейч Консултинг we are open to talk about this topic and all its’ aspects for days. We believe that quality work begins with careful planning – and we want to introduce you to some often overlooked intricacies of the job in order to be useful as professional horticulture afficionados, landscape designers and architects.

We work with a wide variety of private and corporate clients and we know that every client comes with their own ideas, goals and requirements. In our everyday practice we meet a variety of challenges that we face with a smile and we love to make every single one a part of our rich portfolio that we’re proud of.

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How can a professional landscape designer help you reach your goals?

If you need to make a space better – we’re here for you. Your space needs cultivation, enrichment, landscaping and overall maintenance – you are in the right place! As professional landscapers we know well how to fully unleash the potential of any interior or exterior. In order to prepare the best and most functional project in the long run, it often takes years of experience behind, but also a careful knowledge of the details that can turn even the most unpalatable place into a blooming oasis.

Our main goal is to uncover the real possibilities of the landscape – the key element in our work being delivering a high-quality visual effect, optimum level of environmental friendliness, high functionality and value for every external or internal space.

In short, using the services of professionals in ladscaping and space mainennce allows you to take advantage of the long-standing experience of proven professionals in the field of landscaping, design and architecture.

With TH Conslulting, you can rely on professionalism and original ideas to help you get exactly what your interior and exterior needs. Using a professional landscaping architecture team helps you take advantage of a full range of gardening services, specialized design, construction, arranging and maintenance of your green and aquatic areas, as well as professional design, maintenance and landscaping of private and municipal areas, parks, yards, space, warehouses, offices, buildings, hotels, restaurants, villas and village areas, gardens, sports and recreation facilities and many others.

Landscaping and space design professionals can help you build and maintain showrooms and shops, indoor and outdoor gardens in restaurants, cafes, recreation facilities, gas stations, specialized planting and landscaping for production workshops, halls , industrial spaces, etc.

Working with a professional dedicated work team gives you the advantage of choosing from a rich portfolio and relying on years of experience in the field. The results will speak for themselves.

We are Team Horticulture Consulting, and here’s what we can do for you and your green space:

  • Professional design and landscaping
  • Development and integration of irrigation systems
  • Design and construction of water stunts
  • Design and construction of rock gardens
  • Grassing and decorative vegetation
  • Grass laying
  • Complete maintenance of green areas
  • Planning and landscaping
  • Design and implementation of exterior solutions for gardens, yards and recreational spaces
  • Construction of paths and alleys, individual client’s project
  • Maintenance of existing water cascades, rock gardens, lakes, green corners
  • Maintenance and landscaping of existing vegetation and green areas
  • Individual assignments and projects
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