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Green Ideas: Building your own green space – where to start?

A yard, a garden, a playground or other open space... it’s a challenge to transform a given area, to make it greener, refreshed and blooming with life! The real possibilities are only limited by your own fantasy, goals and desires. But we sure do know that it’s a bit difficult to decide where to start.

Green Areas: Improvement & Cost Optimization

The proper establishment and maintenance of large green spaces has numerous pros. Starting with probably the most important one – improvement of the air quality in the busy urban environment, to the purely aesthetic aspect of the area, green spaces tend to carry another, third aspect, and it’s called cost optimization.

How to take care of your flower garden during the hot summer months

Flower gardens impart energy, happiness and freshness pretty much everywhere. If being carefully selected, the different colors and textures shape a beautiful patterned carpet. Although it depends on the climate and the overall weather conditions, most flowers are delicate and pretentious. They require maintenance, which if done properly, doesn’t take too much time or resources.


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